Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Am I the best agent for this client?

Commercial real estate transactions have a wide variety of complexity. In this session, we will discuss some best practices on transactions and client goals. This session will seek to answer questions surrounding when you should go at it alone, when to find a commercial partner, or when to refer out to a commercial practitioner. This session will also cover some real-world examples from various perspectives, including that of the client, other agents and third-party partners like bankers and lawyers.

Craig Stanley


Craig P. Stanley is the founding principal of Broadwing Advisors. He has over 30 years of commercial real estate experience. Stanley’s areas of expertise include strategic real estate consulting, user relocation/tenant services, valuations, asset advice and investment property sales. Stanley started Broadwing Advisors in February 2013. Prior to Broadwing, Stanley was a principal of Siegel-Gallagher and directed the Madison office for over 11 years. He has also been directly involved in lease transactions, exceeding $800 million and sales transactions of over $178 million of owner-occupied or investment property. Before Stanley’s return to Wisconsin, he worked for GVA Williams and Mesirow Financial, both in Chicago.

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